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Organizational Leadership

Learn to Lead at the Next Level
With the Townsend Institute’s Organizational Leadership Certificate

Help people reach their fullest potential.

The Townsend Institute's graduate certificate program for Organizational Leadership at Concordia University provides intentional and engaging coursework to grow your leadership toolbox. Guided by Dr. John Townsend, the Institute Fellows, and our experienced faculty, you will extend your effectiveness in two arenas: your Competence - increasing your skills, strengths and expertise; and your Character - those internal abilities that drive your level of competence. Certified Organizational Leaders gain highly marketable skills that are attractive to many of today's top businesses.


Accessible: Online Classes


Affordable: $635 Cost Per Unit

WASC | Senior College and University Commission

Accredited: WSCUC Accredited


Accelerated: 4-6 Month Program

Start in March or August

  • Help people reach their fullest potential
  • Learn to lead change and enhance performance
  • Personally learn from Dr. John Townsend
  • Engage with world-class Christian thought leaders

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I would absolutely recommend this program. It is so rich, scripturally based, and business driven. It uses all of your brain and will just make you better at relationships.

Cheryl Todd

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Experience a new kind of relational education. Join us online LIVE and hear from our faculty, academic advisors, current students, and alumni about their experience in the Townsend Institute.

  • Ask Dr. John Townsend your questions about the Institute and our offerings
  • Learn how our counseling and leadership programs can advance your career
  • Connect with other prospective students exploring our programs
  • Become eligible for scholarships and other prizes by participating in our info session

Founded by best-selling author and leading Christian thought leader Dr. John Townsend, the Townsend Institute at Concordia University Irvine brings together Christians from all across the country and across all walks of life. For years, Dr. Townsend, along with the Institute’s Fellows and faculty, have been transforming lives. Now you too have the opportunity to learn from master practitioners with decades of real world experience.

You can choose to earn Professional Certification or Advanced Certification for Organizational Leadership. The entire program is approximately 7 months for a Professional Certificate (12 credits) or 11 months for an Advanced Certificate (18 credits). You will take one 7-week course at a time. Learning activities will involve approximately 10 to 14 hours of your time invested each week.

Should you wish to continue your education, the certificate program coursework can apply to the corresponding Master’s degree at the Townsend Institute.

Core Courses

  • ORGL 600: Personal Development Skills Process Group (3 units)
  • ORGL 601: Leadership Theory and Character Development (3 units)

Select two (2) additional courses from the options below for the Professional Certificate or four (4) additional courses to complete the Advanced Certificate

  • ORGL 602: Building Healthy Organizational Culture (3 units)
  • ORGL 603: Mindful Leadership: Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence (3 units)
  • ORGL 604: Leading Change and Motivation (3 units)
  • ORGL 605: Team Building and Conflict Management (3 units)
  • ORGL 607: Ethical Decision Making and Cultural Foundations (3 units)
  • ORGL 611: Effective Strategy and Execution (3 units)
  • ORGL 615: Servant Leadership (3 units)
  • ORGL 616: Essential Communication Strategies (3 units)

For course descriptions, please see the Academic Catalog.

The Townsend Institute takes a different approach to academics. We know it’s the time you spend with people who have legitimate on-the-ground experiences and have accomplished their goals that has the greatest impact. That’s why we provide students with the opportunity to personally learn from Dr. John Townsend, our Institute Fellows and faculty. Together, they cultivate a relational learning experience, addressing the head and the heart through science and data.

We believe there is great value in frequent, real-time interaction with fellow students and your instructors. Our graduate programs launch with a 4-Day Residency where you will meet Dr. Townsend personally as he and our Townsend Institute Fellows conduct a series of trainings. You will also go through 8 process-focused growth groups – you will not leave the same person.

To learn more about the Institute’s 4-day Residency, attend a Townsend LIVE info session.

The Townsend Institute is housed within Concordia University Irvine, a private, Lutheran university. Located in Southern California, Concordia serves over 4,000 students annually, on campus and online. Centered by a Christian worldview, and guided by the Great Commission, Concordia is home to a thoughtful and caring community of learners.

You will learn how to help organizations perform at optimum levels to further their mission and vision. While an MBA focuses the student on analytics and strategic thought, organizational leadership trains you not only in strategy and organizational structure, but it also centers on the “people power” aspect: how to work with teams, lead change, enhance performance, overcome obstacles, create healthy culture, inspire followers, and engage in difficult conversation while maintaining positive alliances. Graduates will excel in the marketplace with these cutting edge, practical skills.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but we encourage you to have all documentation in early because there are a limited number of spaces available.

Application Requirements

  • An application with nonrefundable application fee of $50
  • One official transcript from a regionally accredited college or university that shows your confirmed bachelor’s degree. Official college transcripts must be sent in a sealed envelope.
  • Must have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale
  • Written essay (2 pages, 500 words) addressing the following items:
    • Personal, professional, and educational goals
    • In your experience, what is the best way that a person grows or changes?
    • What interested you in applying to the Townsend Institute as opposed to other programs?
  • Minimum of 1 professional reference required.
  • A current professional resume

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